Monday, March 23, 2009

A day at the Dr.

At least that's what it felt like. We left the house at 1:30 so I could get the kids a snack, stop by Bens work and head to my appt at 3. Well, Kaitlen had one more stop in mind. She threw up in the car and so I made a quick stop to Walmart to get a puke bucket and baby wipes. Thankfully she didn't throw up on herself. Just the side of her carseat, which makes sense, since i just washed it last week. I get to my appt early and before the Dr even see's me he orders a UA and pg test (abdominal pain since Dec) I told the lab tech both of those need to be negative and negative, lol. After talking to the Dr he thinks it's possible i have adhesion's from my gallbladder surgery. I go for a CT on thurs and on the 7th I see my Dr who did the surgery. He just broke his shoulder over the weekend which is why my appointment is so far out. It's 4pm now and we head to kaitlens 4:30 appt because her ear is killing her. ( I did do the Earcheck and her right ear was #5 red and her left ear was #2 yellow.) Turns out her left ear was moderatly infected and her right was severe. He said on a scale from 1-10 her ear was a 9 and thats because it wasn't ruptured. He saves the 10 for the ruptured eardrums. So she got Augmentin and numbing ear drops. I'm really hoping that this is whats been causing her fever since Saturday and no flu! :) Tomorrow should be a MUCh better day for her. So we swing by Walmart to get her RX's filled and of course it's going to be 45 minutes........ so we go meet daddy for dinner, yum. I head back to walmart and they didn't fill the numbing drops because the MD only put 3-4 drop to the ear. He didn't say how often. So instead of calling the MD they wait for me and ask if I knew what the directions were. :) im slick, sure! 3-4 drops to affected ear p.r.n. :) Im sure the Dr would agree??? lmao! I sure wasn't waiting around any longer!! 15 minutes later i was out the door! and home by 7pm.



Tina said...

Poor Kaitlen.. Hopefully she will feel somewhat better tomorrow.

Hopefulsap said...

poor Kaitlen... I too hope she feels better soon!