Monday, March 02, 2009

Sneak Peak

At Abbie's St. Patrick's day outfit. It is going to be a skirt. You'll have to use your imagination as you look at it. The clover fabric on the bottom will be ruffled and under that I am going to add a white straight white fabric that will be an inch or so longer than the ruffle. There will be buttons and ribbon and lace on the denim part. I have no idea if I am doing a shirt to match.

I think for Kaitlen I am going to do denim capri's and decorate it similar to Abbie's. We will see. That is what I had planned for Abbie and changed my mind to a skirt.

Oh- Kaitlen update. We didn't take her to the Dr because it was still yellow/monitor this morning. I let her stay home anyway. She seems fine. So maybe a little fluid behind the ear, but not infected?

Kaitlen ear update #2- I just did her ear and it showed green, no fluid. yea.


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Krimmyk said...

Darling ideas! You are so talented!

Get well soon Kaitlen