Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I'm a dork!! i swear.

The other day in the car I hear the song, It wont be like this for long. I text either Ben or Tina and asked if Hootie and the Blowfish went country, because this song sounds like him. Who ever it was i text said IDK. So i made it a point to remember the song and look up the singer. The singer was Darius Rucker, oh? guess its not hootie (LOL) but boy does he sound like him. (LOL) So tonight Thomas has me look up AMP for tickets to some band. I see D. Rucker is playing there too!! I would love to see him.... Then i notice this "Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish" HELLOOOO Lisa, It is the same guy!... i knew it sounded like him.

Dear Lord, May I please have my brain back? I kinda need it.

So, I thought Ben and I could go to our first concert since i was 5 months pg with Cody. ( Code is 9 remember) Nope, he has overtime then. bah. Maybe in another 10 yrs.



Krimmyk said...

Isn't being a Mommy grand? No time and brain power wasted on the youth.

Tina said...

It wasn't me you text.. But you should have. I LOVE HIM!! there's another song he sings i just love.

MamaBear said...

Sounds like you need a Girls' Night Out!

Hopefulsap said...

isn't it a bit weird he went country? My cousin told me this several months ago... told me he always preferred country, and that's what he really wanted to he finally did it. :P