Friday, March 27, 2009

Update on the sickies

Kaitlen is MUCH much better! She is now fever free and back to normal. Cody is still down and out, but fairing it well. Last night at 9:30 pm he came into the kitchen and asked why it was so dark ( i thought, oh no, something is wrong with his eyes.) I ask him what does he mean. He says, why is it so dark outside?? LOL, the poor kid slept all day and didn't realize it and felt it should be daylight out. I told him cause it's 9:30pm, lol. He went back to bed at 10pm. Abbie does good if I keep her fever down. Matthew- Hasn't got it yet and has been NONSTOP all week long. Literally running from on end of the house to the other and he has some heavy feet on him. Going across the wood floor is loud. I try to tell him to be quiet, but it doesn't work. So that's where we are at. Cody and Kaitlen go back to school on Monday, and we didn't do a thing for Spring Break.



Tina said...

I think i got sick from your kids.. I feel bad because we didn't do anything with the kids.. Oh well i'll get over

HopefulSap said...

Glad that its starting to go away and that Kaitlen is much better!! :)

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh no! What a rotten spring break.

Kim said...

Many get wells coming to your house!

We didn't do anything for Spring Break either.