Friday, May 15, 2009


A little info on it.

It's to late to test Cody for this school year, but they will have everything lined up for Cody to be tested the first week of 4th grade. Cody has a lot of the symptoms to varying degrees. Ok, I've sat here for like 10 minutes trying to figure out how to explain Cody's symptoms to you but it's near impossible because it's "Cody" We have known for a while that something was wrong with Cody. (I don't like to use the word wrong, but you know what I mean) For a while we were heading down the ADD road, which I didn't mind but i felt there was something just a tad more than that. But I didn't know what it was. It wasn't until Cody left for his field trip to the quartz mine and I spent 40 minutes talking to another mom after the bus left and she was telling me about all the quirks with her son and I swear after everything she said i would say, "Cody too" at the end of it all she told me he had been diagnosed with Aspergers. I had heard of it, but had no idea what it was. So i looked it up and it would explain a lot if that's what he's got going on. That's where we are at right now. I'll update as we go further into this.
I'm not upset that he possibly has this. Sometimes just having an Dx and info to go with it is a relief. I wouldn't change Cody for who he is, what fun would that be, but i want to be able to help him in the areas that he needs it to get through life.



Midwest Mommy said...

This is one of the things that was so frustrating to me as a teacher is the waiting and how long all the paperwork took. Keep on top of it and make sure he is tested right away next year.
It is far better to know and get educated about it so you can help him. Knowledge is power. You're a great mom.

HopefulSap said...

its true, you're a great mom! :) hugs!

♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2 said...

Thanks you guys.