Monday, May 04, 2009

Abbie drowned my phone

I don't remember what day it was but Abbie brings me my phone and it is dripping wet. I take it all apart and leave it to dry. I had some hopes it would come back to life, after all, I have washed and dried the kids hand held video games and they still work. My hopes were dashed by one flash on the screen and then straight to black. sigh.... by smart phone.... smart phone I only had since December!!!! maybe it wasn't so smart?? Why didn't it yell for help, lol.

Again, I'm not sure what day it was, maybe friday? idk. I was enjoying my freedom from the phone. The two kids and i left early to go eat lunch before picking up the older kids from school. As we are eating Sonic Bens pulls up and announced we are hard to track down. lol. It was almost 3, he should have been at work, not in our town at our sonic,lol. He hands me a phone. I tell him I don't want it, take it back (i really was enjoying no phone, lol). He says nooooo, take it. It's not a smart phone and that he renewed thomas' cell contract and got the phone for 20$.

So I took it. what else was I suppose to do. It's an LG Banter and I like LG, it's a pretty good phone. If it was a smart phone I'd like it better than my MotoQ. So this is my temp phone untill we plunk down the money for a full price smart phone. I'm going to go with Blackberry this time.

oh, Thomas you ask? Yeah... he has abused his cell phone privilages way to many times by running up the bill. He no longer uses the cell phone.


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