Sunday, May 24, 2009

Generic Lucky Charms

Friday morning Abigail broke out in a rash on her face. Even though it was all over, there was a defined circle going from her mouth to up and around to between her eye brows and then back down to her mouth. Like she drank something, but it was bigger than a cup. We gave her benadryl and went on with our day.
Just about every night Abbie will eat a bowl of cereal and Friday night was no different, she had generic Lucky Charms, Always Save Marshmallow Glitters (just like in the morning). So I made it, she ate it. She started breaking out again. Because I'm such a genius, i think it's the milk. She's been drinking milk for a year now with no problems, but my nephew did have sudden milk allergies.
So Saturday morning I make her a bowl of Honeycombs because we are out of Marshmallow Glitters. She doesn't break out. Bingo, allergic to something in the Marshmallow Glitters. What it is I have no idea.
It was funny when I realized which bowl she used on Friday morning to leave that ring on her face. She has a small pink plastic bowl and I guess it's great to drink out of. The other bowls have a lip on the edge and not-so-great to drink from.


HopefulSap said...

oh wow... that's just crazy. Glad you figured it out!

Midwest Mommy said...

When BG's skin had a crazy break out the doctor told me a lot of kids are allergic to certain dyes they use to color foods. I wonder if that was it. Go figure! It took us forever and we still don't know exactly what causes her to break out so they call it eczema when nothing else works, lol

♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2 said...

I totally didn't think about the food coloring and Thomas was allergic to Red food coloring. He would throw up from it.

Krimmyk said...

may be some of the grains used in the mix of oats. Either way, good deduction Mamma!!!