Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spotlight Sunday- Three Peas Co.

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As you know every Sunday I spotlight something I really like that I have come across on the web. This Sunday happens to be a company that I won an outfit from for Kaitlen.
It's not that great of a pic because it was still dark out in the morning. Kaitlen wanted to wear it to school. It's a cute pettiskirt with pink leopard ribbon and a coordinating tank with a pink leopard flower.

Three Peas Co.

What I am actually spotlighting from the company is they actually have a boys line of clothing. Not many stores out there do that and not this cute.

Appliqued tank top
Cool BeaniesVery hip tie on a tank.
Cute matching onesie with a tie and beanieIf you have a little boy and want something unique for him go check out their boys line. If sister wants something too there are lots of adorable girls items.... and you know, you can probably have them do a matching boy/girl set.

(all the boy clothing pics are from Three Peas Co.)


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Tina said...

I cant believe that's Kaitlen...The outfit is CUTE!!