Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kaitlen's first tball game in 2009

The girls FINALLY had their first game. Their first 3 games were rained out and they were excited to finally play.

Kaitlen and Jasmine

Kaitlen on first base.

Getting ready to bat.

Running home.


Abigail playing with her boyfriend Reece.

I had planned on posting this a couple days ago, but I've had a headache coming on and it finally hit today. I had to call Ben to pick the kids up from school and then eventually asked him to stay home from work. He picked up the older kids, then realized he forgot to get Matthew which was on his way from work to the big kids school so he had to backtrack and he got me the over the counter migraine medicine and finally made it home. I took the medicine and he took the kids to Oklahoma to get a lotto ticket and he also came back with a new dog house. Which is weird because Ben doesn't shop for dog houses. I do. It even has the clear plastic flappy door on it.


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HopefulSap said...

so glad they finally got the have their game!!! :)

men are funny like that sometimes... just out of no where... I don't get it.