Saturday, May 16, 2009

Spaghetti Contest and Apron Giveaway!!!

Contest open to the US, Canada and the UK!!!!

This contest was thought up completely by my 6 y/o daughter. She wants me to give away a Little Mama Apron. For you to win it, you have to send me a picture that has to do with spaghetti. It can be anything as long as spaghetti is involved: Kids eating spaghetti, mom making spaghetti, a plate of spaghetti you just served up. OR if you happen to have a Matthew living in your house it could even be spaghetti noodles on your tv screen not that Matthew has ever done anything like that and definitely not last week.

Here is an example of what the apron will look like. I will be shopping for the fabric on Sunday and will make it on Monday or Tues and post pics of it. I'll be looking for a summery fabric, something that makes you want to serve dinner on the back patio. hope I find it. LOL.
What to do......

1. Find a picture you already have OR take new ones. You have plenty of time.
2. Email me your picture, please add your blogger user name in the email.
3. Leave me a comment saying you emailed me a pic.
(If you'd like you can blog and link back so others can play)

What happens next....

1. I will upload everyones picture to my spaghetti contest album in photobucket as I get them. So everyone can enjoy looking at them.
2. The day after the contest ends I will set the album to private and I will sit with Kaitlen and ask her row by row to pic her two favorite, the 3rd will be deleted. This will go until SHE has picked a winner.
3. I will announce the winner on my blog.

you can submit more than one pic, I know it's hard to decide.


I have one huge favor!! Please no vomited spaghetti pics, lol. I just know someone has one out there.

oh, pedophiles.... don't send pics of your noodle and meatballs, my daughter doesnt open my emails and she'll never see it. (and, um, I know where you live :O )



Anonymous said...

emailed you my daughters picture.

auntrene said...

Spaghetti pictures are on the way.. Thanks for the fun!

itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

~ April ~ EnchantedDandelions said...

Just sent you mine! Thanks... what a fun contest!