Sunday, May 03, 2009

Spotlight Sunday- Be Jewelry

Spotlight Sunday. You can find my other spotlights here.

Today I want to share with you Be Jewelry.

Let me tell you how I found her. I was searching online for Down Syndrome Awareness (that's another post for later) when i was looking at the images I came across this.
Then I clicked on the image, I just loved what it said. (What a good brother, huh?)
"this pendant was designed by Micah. his little sister has Down syndrome, aka trisomy 21, and this represents three chromosomes on the 21st set, a total of 47 instead of the usual 46. Micah's creativity is AMAZING. :)"
So I looked around her site a little more and saw this bracelet and fell in love with it.
so much so, that I emailed Betsy to ask her if she could make me one with dandelions instead of shamrocks.
After emailing back and forth she had a design in mind and it was going to be a pendant instead of a bracelet cause funny thing is???? I don't wear bracelets or even a watch, lol. I just loved her bracelet :)
The front of my bracelet has 3 dandelions on the it. It's for me, Kaitlen and Abigail. I was going to do something for the boys later. Then Mommy guilt hit me and I definitely didn't want 5 dandelions on the front that would be to much so on the back she put a heart and then the first letter of each of the kids names T.C.K.M.A. The back turned out so great I could really wear the necklace either way. oh, the fly-a-ways on the dandelions, 5 of them are holes that go all the way through,1 for each kid. She came up with that. I knew some were going to go all the way through, but she came up with the 5, one for each kiddo. Yes, she's a mom. mom. to. 4. boys. one of which is a Matthew.... i tell you, it's the name, and it's no coincidence when a child is named Matthew :)
Another item of hers that i really liked was this necklace.
I don't know if you notice, but i do. Her work is very different than what you see floating around the blogosphere. Very unique, very hands on. oh, my pendant is VERY sturdy/hardy. Nothing is going to happen to that. EVER. SERIOUSLY.
Since it's close to Mother's Day I told Ben it was my Mother's Day gift :)

When you go over to Be Jewelry be sure to click on The Beckoning link. It'll end up taking you to youtube and it is really neat.



Mommy to those Special Ks said...

OHHHH I LOVE that Down syndrome awareness necklace!!!!! I think I need to buy one! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jenn said...

I just wanted to let you know, you've been tagged !

Now I'm going to look at that site !