Sunday, January 11, 2009

Abbies next bday

and possibly kaitlens if we combine them :)or both has princess parties seperatly...... Auntie Anna has the princess cake pan for the dress and you stick a barbie in it. Well, my neice Emily is beyond Princess parties and auntie hasn't got to make the cake for anyone yet. Kaitlen is smack in the middle of Princessness and Abbie has many years ahead of her

So i see lots of pink... and tulle... and crowns.... and jewelry.... So do i make dresses??? LOL
I have a lot of time to decide...........

Whats really got me into the bday party mood tonight is Lily will be turning 2 in Feb.



Jenn said...

Those have been around forever I remember going to my friends parties and them having them...cute !

Hopefulsap said...

those are cute, what fun to be had! aw, dresses would be darling!

Patty said...

Too cute! I did those for the girls when we were still in England. Two barbie cakes, for one party. My hand HURT when I was done with the frosting. LOL