Wednesday, January 07, 2009

give me a K-A-I-T-L-E-N

Kaitlen wanted to try on her cheer outfit and yesterday i finally went and bought her shoes and turtleneck.

When they are sitting thats how they are suppose to sit.

I lucked out. They just need white shoes and after looking up and down the shoe isle at walmart and there not being any plain white tennies. i happen to glance up and on the top of the shelf there were 3 boxes. They are actual Cheer shoes from Danskin and there was a size 12,13 and 2 left. I didnt have Kaitlen with me so after i picked her up from school we ran back to walmart and thankfully the size 12's fit her. The shoes came with all the different color plastic peices to coordinate with the uniforms.



Jenn said...

That's a good idea that they come with color things to match their outfits. I love the green !

Krimmyk said...

How cute! And sooo lucky you found the right shoes...Good Mommy!!!!

Tina said...

Give me a C give me an U give me a T give me an E.. what does that spell?

Nicole said...

What a doll!!! So cute!