Thursday, January 08, 2009

She's so cute

I forgot that after i took the pics of Kaitlen in her cheer outfit i let abbie play with the pompoms. She has never seen Kaitlen practice but she knew to jump. She was funny.

Tonight abbie put on Kaitlen's shirt inside out and crawled up into daddy's chair with her well loved doll and fell asleep.

I crimped Kaitlen's hair tonight and Abbie wanted me to do some of hers too. lol. oh, her well loved doll....... is from Christmas. She has already painted her nails, took her clothes off, spilled just about everything on her, put lotion in her eyes and who knows what else, but she loves her.



Tina said...

That first pic is so funny..and she looks so sweet in the other one..

Jenn said...

She looks so cute, funny how all kids do that to their dolls .

Hopefulsap said...

awww!! she is very cute! :) That happens to dolls here too!

Krimmyk said...

She is the kind of cheerleader that I was. Loud, good and looks like she could take out the players she would cheer on!

As for dolly, big deal if she is all spilled on, she looks washable! You hit the nail when you said she is well loved. Comes from having a good Mommy to teach her!

♥Lisa♥ said...

LOL, Krim, That made me laugh so hard. Thats exactly how she was!! lol