Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hola, mi Chicas y Chicos

Im at bens work right now with the kids. Why sit at home when you can sit at the PD :) I got a SHOWER! I'm greatful. We have two powerlines down in our yard. branches all over. Mother Natures way of trimming trees i suppose. yesterday was kinda fun. i had a ton of nervous energy and cleaned the house before we lost power and then we got the den blocked off and moved our mattress in there and made it all comfy cozy. The kids had mega cabin fever, but we survived.
Sooooo, we are looking at no power until and least Saturday and most likely longer. the town we live in has lost cell service. I guess when power goes out they run off batteries and when the batteries run out thats it... Bens work is in Fayetteville and the cell service is running on batteries now too. The PD families that dont have fireplaces are staying at the PD. We probably would but we have animals that we can't leave for longer than the length of one of Bens shifts.

I think thats it for now. I'll have pictures for you when I get power at home. :)

oh, Ben just came in. They have called out the National Guard. I guess its that bad. Pray for the families that don't have heat, because i know they are out there. We are blessed and we are good.

oh an idk if my title is correct, lol.


Krimmyk said...

We here are praying for you and all the others this storm is impacting!

Patty said...

Glad you are ok! Stay safe.