Thursday, January 08, 2009

Last pics of the pups

Tomorrow they go to their new home. (assuming it doesnt fall through) The people have their house and then a glass shop and in between the the house and shop is their fenced yard and the pups will be their new guard dogs. They have a Sharpei that is old and needs the help. So by the time the old dog passes the pups will be grown and trained. These pups will alert but thats as much that they'll do. They are lovers.

Spot still has me hold him in my lap while he grooms my arm.

The kids know. Only Abbie and Matthew will be with us the others will be at school.

I sleep so good on mommy.

me too.



Tina said...

Im glad there going to a good home..

Hopefulsap said...

aww... must be a bit sad around your house. I would cry. I'm such a sap.

Krimmyk said...

They will be loved. It will be quieter, but it is for the best. Tat is why we could never breed a dog. I would HAVE to keep all puppies.

Anonymous said...

Thank God.