Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Only one of my kids

I made dinner and when i got back to the computer i saw that Skype was up with a number entered for Afghanistan ready to dial. The same kid also IM'd Auntie Tina a bunch of P's so that means it was abbie. She somehow entered enough of the right symbols and numbers to make a number for Afghanistan. I should have took a pic of my screen but i just clicked out as quick as i could.
ok, i went to my IM (myspace)and this is how she did it. She clicked on call and a drop down menu comes down. She then had to hover over Tinas name and another side menu pops out and she had to slide the mouse over and choose either pc to pc call or enter a number and she clicked enter a number. then a little calculator looking thing popped up and you can click on another drop down menu to pick a country or Region. She picked Afghanistan (the first option) by the way its +93 incase you wanted to know and then she clicked all over the number pad to add to the number, lol. Now i wonder if it would have actually gone through.



Midwest Mommy said...

Holy Cow, that is a lot of steps she went through, lol!

Krimmyk said...

All I can do is laugh..and be thankful it wasn't my kid...this time! Go Abbie!

Love the header.

Tina said...

I think she was trying to call me.