Saturday, January 03, 2009

The kids dental update

Yesterday Cody and Kaitlen had their 6 month dental check up. Some how Thomas is on a slightly diff schedule and his is at the end of the month. Kaitlen got her teeth cleaned first and was told she was doing a great job getting the back of her teeth. After her teeth are cleaned the dentist comes in and and pokes around and all is good. I tell him she is STILL sucking her thumb. The whole infection/thumb falling off scare only worked for 2 weeks but Matthew is sure petrified for kaitlen when he sees her suck her thumb. Very Very seriously he tells her to stop, she'll get an infection. lol. So Kaitlen has until her next visit in July to stop sucking her thumb and at that time we will be talking orthodontics and her frenulum that will need to be removed. So we have a 6 month repreev lol.
Cody.... he gets his teeth cleaned and the Dr comes in and there was this spot that he was watching from last time. He really thought Cody would have lost the tooth by the time we came back but he hadn't and so it'll need to be filled. He told Cody," When are you going to lose some of these teeth?" he expected him to lose several already that he hadnt and we've been waiting forever of this one tooth to come through. It's just sitting right under the gum line just as happy as can be. I think Kaitlen has lost as many teeth as Cody and shes 3 yrs younger. I remember being well into my teens and getting my last molar. maybe he takes after me.
Cody has graduated to an adult toothbrush. He has really large teeth so that didnt surprise me. Kaitlen had itty bitty teeth, even her permanent ones.
So in 6 months Matthew will be having his first dental visit. Cleaning, xrays and i would bet he has a cavity. Our denist isnt a pediatric dentist so they don't see children untill they are emotionally ready and Matthew is especially since brother and sister get cool new toothbrushes.



Tina said...

WTF.. is up with our teeth?? mine are nice,white and strait. but have a filling in everyone...LOL.. They call me Yuck mouth!!

Haasiegirl said...

charlotte gets her first dentist visit this year!