Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Pictures!!

Yes, i know we are in mid January. I'm just a tad behind. So i put them in a slideshow to save your finger from having to scroll, lol.

Oh, I did NOT mail out my Christmas cards. Im sorry. I had them printed and put in envelopes and that's as far as i got... Easter... I promise.

So for Christmas we somehow had Thomas convinced he was getting NOTHING. We had to do this cause its very hard to hide what he's getting from us. I couldn't even blog his gift because when he's bored he reads the blog. So Christmas Eve Eve he wants to help me wrap the gifts. (umm he wants to see what he got) Well all his stuff was still hidden except the laptop case, DUH. I totally played it off that it was a holder for Codys Bakugon cards. I text Ben to clue him in and then told Thomas to go ask his dad where the cards are so i can put them in the case, LOL. Ben plays it off that they are in his office we'll have to stop by tomorrow, Christmas Eve. Fast forward to Christmas eve and everything is set for santa and Thomas says DID YOU GET THE CARDS? Im like What cards?? (Hello Lisa!!) ....... Ben, Did you get the cards?!?!? LOL, Thomas totally bought the lie.
Ben had just got a new pair of Police boots so i used that box to put his laptop in and then Ben had him convinced he got a pair of boots for Christmas. So needless to say Thomas was very surprised on Christmas morning when he opened the box and got a Laptop or notebook, what ever they are called. I forget what else he got but it was little stuff. Oh, Why do i get him that AXE or BOD spray every year?? Talk about an instant sinus headache.

Abbie got dolls, dolls and more dolls. Cody got video game, video games and more video games. Kaitlen got make up, make up and more make up. Matthew, well he didn't have a 'theme' his stuff was all over the spectrum. Boots, razorback, dinosaur.....



Tina said...

the pics are cute...Next year don't buy Axe or bod. that shit stinks...

Hopefulsap said...

Love how ya'll surprised Thomas! and what a great gift! Lucky guy!

Great pics, looks like it was a great Christmas! :)