Thursday, January 22, 2009

Way too cool!!

Ben just called me and he got to hold a PIECE OF THE MOON!!!!!!! the moon! It was a slice and it was between two pieces of glass and he said it was just surreal. The even cooler thing is that he gets to take Cody down there to see and hold it too!!!! He just has to give the guy a couple days notice. We don't know when he's gonna go, but if he can take pics i will certainly share them!!

Ben had to provide security during the inventory for NASA that's how he got to hold it :)

This was the moon at midnight last night. Did you see it?? I saw it at 5 this morning it was amazing!


Jenn said...

Tanner would think that's cool too !

Krimmyk said...

Man, Logan would LOVE to do something ,like that. It is super cool!

Midwest Mommy said...

Awesome! Definitely something unique only a few people get to do in their lifetime.

Paula said...

I totally forgot about it. But that picture is beautiful!