Monday, October 06, 2008

Cody's favorite foods

Ok, here are some of Codys fave foods that some of us would not touch.

Here is the fried fish that i talked about.

This is dried shredded squid that he eats like people would eat beef jerky. One he left a bag on my computer and it got covered up by some paper and after some time i had this horrible smell in my den as it must have got wet and then rotted.

nori..... Seaweed. Code loves it. His fave veggie is spinach because its the same color as seaweed.

This is Meso soup. I like it too. It has seaweed, tofu and what ever the other stuff is in it. He likes to drink it when he's sick.

This is Kimchi and i can't stand the smell of it so i don't buy it but he'd eat it up with his Pop.

ok, this Cody has not had, but is only because the people at the Filipino restaurant wouldn't give it to him. lol. It is Balut. It is a duck egg that is not completely developed and then boiled and eaten. There is a body of a duck in there and cooked yolk. this is one of the nice pics. If you want to do a search of Balut and you can see the other pics.


Cody said I forgot fish eggs


Ashley Hester said...

Thats just wrong

♥Lisa♥ said...

LOL, I forgot to add the fried frog legs, but that is normal around here even though i won't eat it.

Jenn said...

I think I just threw up a little in my throat. I would never allow any of my kids or any adult near me to eat that baby duck !

When my daughter was about 3 she found a hen's nest out in the barn and before I could stop her she grabbed two eggs and threw them and they had little babies in them too , let's just say she went in the house crying with a not so happy mommy!

♥Lisa♥ said...

awww, poor chickies. I would have freaked too.

auntie Tina said...

Eewwwww, Eewwwww and Ewwwww!!

Anonymous said...

Thats my boy. He is true to his roots. His pop would be proud.