Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Parent Teacher conference

Today was Cody's conference. I didn't go because I woke up really sick, but Ben went. He is doing really well. They just tested and he is at an 8th grade reading level. He has a 3.9 GPA and as soon as he pulls his math grade back up he'll have no trouble getting a 4.0. Ben really got the impression that his teacher would much rather deal with a average 9 y/o that goofs off and stuff than to have to deal with someone of Codys needs. She doesn't "get" Cody and that has to be only because she hasnt tried. I have a feeling it is easier for her to ignore his intelligence than to feed it because I'll be honest, Cody is exhausting. You are drained by the time he is done with you. I really wish his GT was a class and not a pullout program. I think Code would really benefit from that and there is enough students that it would make a whole full time class.


Tina said...

if there is enough kids for the Gt they should have there own class. what about skipping a grade?

Jenn said...

That's good that he does so well,there is nothing worse then fighting with kids over their homework and the fact they lie and wont do it!