Saturday, October 25, 2008

venturing out

The puppies have gone down the hall!!! lol. Before they limited themselves to the kitchen, living room and den. Today Patches followed me to the bathroom and then tonight they both followed Kaitlen to the bathroom. Spot almost started heading toward my room until he saw me go back the other way. They come to you for affection and cuddles. Patches come to you when he wants to nap. He will do little jumps (pick me up) and bark while looking at you. He likes to lay on your shoulder (like your burping a baby) by your neck and fall asleep.

Obviously these pups are not down on the ground that often. Someone always has them. They are so funny when they are playing.

Smart? yes they are. Abbie has tormented Spot from the begining. He has now learned that when she's walking toward him to go crawl under the coffee table and she can't get him, lol.


Tina said...

In the first pick i think he's saying.. Get me out of here. The second pic is really cute. I would also run from Abbie too. LOL

Kim said...

Cute! I've enjoyed watching them grow and hearing stories of the pups with your kids.