Monday, October 13, 2008

They crack me up!

Every time i turn around they are doing something funny. Or just looking funny.

Patches ears stand up. Straight up!! Cody keeps asking me Why?? I have no idea, but i wish they'd go down because you can't help but laugh at the little fella.
Then here's Spot just sleeping away and Patches was chewing on his foot. LOL.

The pups have upgraded again. They eat dry kibble now and drink water. So they have their own food dish 24/7. I no longer have to give them there gruel mix at 2am. Yea!! I figured it out when i saw Spot eat a cheerio off the ground, lol. I think i was babying them to much. They also no longer have their little cave/den and no more heating pad. Just their bed, food and potty area. .......3 hots and a cot, lol.

Abbie and Spot. Ab or Matthew always has one of the pups. You have to be careful about were you step/sit because they are almost always tucked under a blanket sleeping.
(that's fingernail polish on Abbie's forehead)

They are still available if you want one or two. :) At the rate they are going now I'd say 2 more weeks, just need them bigger.


Jenn said...

Oh is the girl not taking one now? I pefer dog with flopped down ears, I don't know why. I love German sheps though and a couple other ones that have straight ears weird .. I'm nuts !

♥Lisa♥ said...

I like floppy ears too. She hasnt asked her parents so i'm not 100% sure with her yet.

Tina said...

Patches ears look like Diva's. They are really cute. The kids are going to be sad when you get rid of them..

♥Lisa♥ said...

they will be so soooo sad. I will too, but i'll also be a bit happy. there alot of work. They are in my lap as i type. big babies.