Monday, October 06, 2008

Kaitlens bday gifts

She asked for a guitar and an MP3 player. So she got it! :) Her guitar i got off eBay and I gave him an offer and he took it!! Its a Pink 3/4 Electric Guitar w/Amp set,Gig Bag and Cable. I hope the amp isn't too loud. yikes. The MP3 I got from Wal-mart. It has almost 5 stars and was a really good price. Geez, between the skull party and electric guitar her friends parents are going to think we're rockers, lol.
Oh, and cross your fingers that if any of the dads come along to the party the Ben hasn't arrested them. That's becoming a common problem with our kids events. When we had orientation for Cody when he was in Boy Scouts Ben had arrested 3 of the dads that was there. Then on Kaitlens softball team he had a run in with the assist coach who was "Sooo embarassed" and even a parent on her team which turns out we live down the road from.


Jenn said...

Good lord , are there that many bad guys in your town ? haha

MamaBear said...

I'm laughing so hard over this post ... After Jeff's "tours of duty" in Siloam, Rogers, UAPD, and Johnson, it is hard for us to go anywhere and not meet someone whom he has arrested, ticketed, worked an accident for, or taken some sort of statement from ... I find myself praying whenever we visit a restaurant that there aren't any workers there he's "hooked up" in the past. What they might do to our food is a truly frightening thought.

Only another LE wife would understand ... smile!

Tell sweet Kaitlin happy birthday!

♥Lisa♥ said...

oh, there are places we won't eat because he's finger printed the cook or arrested the cook and they are grody, nasty, dirty people.

♥Lisa♥ said...

I guess so!!! lol. Ben doesn't even work in the town we live in. Kaitlens assistant coach also turns out to be the new pastor at a new church in our town. He was 3 sheets to the wind. Nice!