Friday, October 03, 2008

Coleman Update

I'm going to leave you with Coleman and Caden over the weekend :)

They are back in NY and Cman has gotten another battle wound, but went through it like a champ.

Here is what his Mom posted today............

Coleman got released this afternoon and is feeling fine. He says his head hurts a little when he laughs too hard, but he keeps giggling anyway.

It seems like we have a change in our game plan once again...
We met with Coleman's doctor this morning. She said after reviewing the 2 MRI's from Wed. and Thurs., we've lost some ground with his disease in the past month. It has spread some in both Coleman's brain and spine.
*Deep breath*

She also said it wouldn't be good to go to the 3f8 treatments at this time because we have one shot at it, and we need to try to reduce the disease again before starting.

*2nd deep breath*

So here's what she proposed...
We try another round of cytoxin with topetecan and try to get some reduction, with the 3f8 to follow.
Not sure if our insurance will cover it here, Scott's working on that, but she wanted us to come in Monday morning and we'll get started with the chemo.

You can read the rest at his carepage. (colemanscott)


Jenn said...

I'm too soft hearted and always cry even over people I don't know . I just don't know how I would ever handle one of the kids being sick. Mostly here, at least back home all medical care is free and I wouldn't have to worry about the bills I know I can't afford on top of worring about my child. I just feel so bad for parents having to deal with that on top of everything else.

♥Lisa♥ said...

I know. It's so heartbreaking and who needs the stress of getting things covered by ins or dealing with denied procedures that may save your child. That has to be beyond frustrating.