Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Getting there

I did Kaitlens shoes. I was in Bens car the other day and found her old plastic shoes that fit her MUCH better then the new ones i bought her. So here they are. I think I'm all done with her costume. It rained all day here so when it dries up at the park I'll take her out for some pics.

I thought Kaitlen would go nutzo over a trick-or-treat bucket like this one and want to make it for her. So i bought all the kids buckets and planned on making the girls all super girlie.

Well, Miss Kaitlen wants none of that and she wants to use the black bucket with the skeletons. I even asked her a couple times just to make sure.
Cutsie Cinderlla one(yea!!)??? Oooorrrrr Black skeleton one(boo)???
Black skeleton one it is!!!
So i asked Code if he'd like me to cover his in camo leaf fabric (like a werewolf forest them :) ) and he said yes!! lol.


Jenn said...

My daughter would have loved that bucket and dress and shoes! Since you are so talented wanna make something for me ? haha

♥Lisa♥ said...

I sure do! Just let me know what you want. I cant email Hotmail accounts right now or I would have emailed you. or find me on Facebook OR go open up a Myspace :)

♥Lisa♥ said...

woo-hoo kaitlen changed her mind and i didn't even ask her AGAIN, lol.