Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Festival at Church

Yea, everyone is so excited for the party!!!
Even little ladybug....... until we go through the doors and there are people all over the place!!
They got to decorate little pumpkins..

and get cutsie balloon animals

Abbie got a pink ladybug and did good until the lady talked to her TOO LONG and ruined it.

Matthew made every beanbag into the top hole. He has a good throw.

Abigail literally cried the entire time. At this point i was sweaty and my arms hurt from holding her so i told Thomas i was going to take her to the car and for them to come out when it was over. there was about 30 minutes left.

When Thomas comes to the car with the kids both Matthew and Cody won a 2nd place ribbon for their costumes. WOW. No one even knew who Matthew was, lol. NO ONE!! and he won a place, lol. Something about original boy costume and Cody got it in the animal category. Now i was super shocked that Kaitlen didn't place. EVERYONE loved her costume and especially her hair. The ladies where going on and on about her hair. I was bummed for her. So Ben said all the officers at his work voted her the prettiest princess and she got a treat, lol.

OK, back to Abigail. When i went to the car the second we got out the front door she stopped crying because there was nobody out there. So i let her run and run and run. She had a blast.


Jenn said...

That was great of the work guys to give her one too, and odd she didn't win something at church.

Tina said...

I cant believe Kaitlen didn't win. I wanted to write something else, but i wont...lol.Poor Abbie, I know how she feels when theirs alot of people around..

Krimmyk said...

I agree, I would have thought Cinderella was a shoe in for a prize...congrats to the other kiddos though! I think they are all amazing costumes

Ashley Hester said...

They were all cute :) Love k's hair!

Hopefulsap said...

they sure were all cute!! :) I get overwhelmed around a lot of people too. Too much energy all at once to take in.

You have such adorable kids!!!