Friday, October 10, 2008


The puppies have started wondering around the house and in the middle of the night and potty were ever they want. Puppies are smart. They wont potty in their bed. They will walk out and potty on the camo flannel.

I haven't posted pics of Spot in a while. So here he is.

Here they are pitifully locked down for the night :( lol.

Thomas' girlfriend wants Patches so we'll see in a few weeks if its a for sure thing.


Jenn said...

Well that's good, hope she takes him and you can find someone for the other one. Do you guys have one of those papers that are full of things for sale it's cheap to list in them. We get one dropped in our drive every Tues morning. Everyone gets it for free.

Tina said...

awww, there face is cute!!