Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kaitlen Marie-Matilda Velasco

Kaitlen was born on 10/18/02 at 12:15pm at the same hospital as her daddy and brother Cody. She was 21.5 inches long and weighed 9#7oz.

The night of the 17th my FIL rubbed my belly and i told him maybe tonight Bill.( my FIL was dieing from tumors on his brain and i fully believe he was holding on for his grandbaby. He died two weeks later) We went home (across the street) and when we layed down to go to sleep i just couldn't get comfortable so i got up at midnight to go lay on the couch. By about 12:30 i realized my back pain was actually contractions and i thought, hey, i'll see how long i can lay here and handle it, lol. At 1am i woke Ben up. He took the boys over to my MIL's house and we headed to the hospital. Once they determined i was in labor. (my water broke all over my bed) they sent me to a room. :) At about 5am i was able to get my Epidural even though i was already 8cm's. I remember the anesthesiologist saying don't fall asleep while he was doing it. I kept thinking how the heck does he know I'm falling asleep, lol. I was probably leaning over. He kept talking about Ben's job and me not all there kept thinking how the heck does he know he works for LASD?/ Duh, im sure he thoroughly read my chart. He had to do my epi twice, but the second time was perfect! absolutely zero pain. By 10am i was fully dilated. yea!! Epi worked soooo good i couldn't push at all........ so wait 2 hours for epi to wear off...... at noon i start pushing and 12:15 she was out.

I can't sleep when i'm in the hospital so i dressed her up and took pics.

baptismal photo

1st bday ( i was pg with matthew and didn't know it yet)

2nd bday
a totally cute pic

3rd bday
3rd bday again (two partys)

4th bday
5th bday
Her 6th bday!!!!!!!!!
We love you sweet kaitlen!!!
I'll post her party pics in the AM and catch up on every ones blogs :)
oh, who out there is wondering about the name Matilda?
My FIL would sing the Harry Belafonte song, Matilda to my belly when i was very pg with kaitlen (he also sang tiny bubbles :) ) So when she was born we added Matilda to her middle name. My MIL didn't believe we'd do it when we told her we were going to, but we showed her the hospital papers. MIL would call her Matilda, she's been gone for almost 3 yrs and no one really calls her that. At the Mexican restaurant we go to our waitress that we just love and she loves our kids can not say Kaitlen so we told her she can call her Matilda and she does. :)


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlen! Hope she had a wonderful day!

Jenn said...

Aww, that is sweet. Seeing how cute she is and all the girly things makes me think if this next/last baby is a girl it might be ok.

Tina said...

Aaawww, all those pics make me sad.

♥Lisa♥ said...

Wow Jenn you typed that like you are already PG :) are you????
That would be cool!!

Kaitlen is half girlie girl and half Tomboy. Abigail is all girlie girl.

Anonymous said...

Thats my baby girl