Thursday, October 23, 2008

My top 15 entry pages

#1 The pee-chee folder most that search it are from the West Coast and then a few straglers here and there.

#2 The Ferguson Crest My maiden name. I told tina once is there a ferguson reunion we don't know about, lol

#3 is Matthews Mohawk People are typing in Chuck Liddell mohawk, UFC mohawk.

#4 is this link, Im not sure which post. i think its the thomas and brandon one.

#5 The ever so summery Bandana outfit. Most hits are from Florida.

#6 This one too, not sure, have fun looking :)

#7 Codys Lacey rash from when he had 5th disease. Apparently there is someone kinda famous?? by the name of Cody Lacey.

#8 Sweepy heads every search has come up with looking for a sleeping kid with no diaper.

#9 Wrestling this morning The funny thing is people actually type "wrestling this morning"

#10 Make your own grocery bag Which i have not done yet.

#11 5th disease

#12 Dad, tina & boys...... again, someone famous named Tina Brandon.

#13 Matthew Litchfield. Keep praying for him. his lungs are really bad again. He has another bad inf. he is still fighting HARD.

#14 My Gallstone post and not just because people were looking up gallstones. nooooo. about half (or more) typed in Fat Stomach and about 13 to 14 pages in on google images is me, lol. it was a while back when i looked it up for myself. hopefully im futher back, lol. who the heck goes 13 pages looking at fat stomachs??????????? gag. I'm not at all sad that im not the number 1 hit on that paticular search.

#15 luck #15 is Abigail in her ladybug tutu curtisy of Halloween searches.

I was just going to do 10, but Abbie is asleep in my arms and I didnt want to get up yet. :)


Tina said...

LOLOL...Fat stomach.

Jenn said...

I always laugh at these crazy thing, I still go into mine and find nothing, so either I'm a dork or really nobody ever finds my page any other way then clicking my name. The two times I seen word ones it was both my blog name typed in .

♥Lisa♥ said...

Your blog is public right???

Jenn said...


♥Lisa♥ said...

hmmm, that's weird.