Friday, December 26, 2008


This was Coleman's moms post on Christmas Eve. Please pray for Coleman. Here are some recent pics of Coleman and Caden.

I debated on updating tonight, as I didn't want to bring anyone down on Christmas Eve...
But I figured you've been such prayer warriors for us, and we could really, REALLY use them right now.

Our big family Christmas was not to be. We didn't get to go to my family's. This morning Coleman woke up fine. By 9:00 he was having slurred speech and droopy right hand.

I called Scott who hurried home right away and we rushed to the ER.

They did a catscan which showed two new spots on his brain and very enlarged ventricles. He was given a boost of decadron through his port and we came home around 2:00.

He's slept pretty much all day and has not eaten or drank much. We'll be going back to the hospital tomorrow I'm sure. He's having trouble swallowing and is drooling a lot. I'm don't know exactly what they can do. He's unable to talk much and when he does it's really hard to understand him. He gets frustrated and goes back to sleep. This is so tough...

Since he's not able to swallow very well, I only managed to get the steroid down him tonight, but we weren't able to do any other meds-the others are just too big.

Caden has the cookies out, reindeer food on the porch, and is ready for Santa. We've read the Christmas story about the birth of Jesus and have been praying...A LOT.

Scott and I are exhausted, but the three guys are all asleep on the couch and I suppose I'll wake Scott up soon so Santa can make his delivery- for Caden's sake at least.

Not the Christmas we hoped for...but we're still giving thanks for what we do have, we feel God right here with us.

Thank you for praying for Coleman and our family.
Pastor Kent and Rebecca, God bless you for coming out between services tonight. It meant a lot to us.

Okay, I'm going to end here, mostly because I'm just too tired to type more.

I'll update again when I can-
Blessings to you all and Merry CHRISTmas,
Team Larson


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