Saturday, December 06, 2008

Went to see Santa

We arrived a half hour early so I could get a pic of all the kids before the big guy came. We were 1st in line :). Ok, i didn't get one pic that had them all smiling and looking at me, but thats ok.

The big guy came over and talked to the kids for about 5 minutes. The kids were in total AWE that he was stanfing there chatting with them.

I dont think my kids have ever been so quiet.

Santa asking Cody what he wanted. XBOX360...

Asking Matthew. Im not sure yet, but i know def a dinosaur.
(oh, he asked for a fake bomb. nice, lol)

Santa and Kaitlen. A DS with the puppy game.

ok, we had to get a pic of abbie with Santa.

Ash snapped this pic, thank you Ashley! lol
Here's last yr. matthew didnt want in it.

Santa gave the 3 kiddos a group hug. :)

group pic of the kids

The triplets

I have more cute pics i'll post later.



Tina said...

OMG!! LOL.. I miss them so much. Abbie would probably hate me now. Matthew wants a

Tina said...

Oh the last pic.. I think Lily is saying.. why is Abbie crying?

♥Lisa♥ said...

no shes saying, "there she goes again" lol

Tina said...

LOLOL...She really isn't going to like me,huh?

Krimmyk said...

Our "mall" is not even having a Santa this year there is only 4 stores left there. That first picture is just darling! Christmas picture card for sure.

Hopefulsap said...

Oh those pictures are so adorable!!

Nice looking Santa! Nice to see that he's grown his real beard in... I can't stand it when he wears those fake ones! ;)

♥Lisa♥ said...

Yes, Definitely gonna be the Christmas card. Now i need to make it.

Kim said...

Great Pictures! LOL, Matthew wanting a fake bomb.

Anonymous said...

Abby will like Tina just fine. Just bring some Diet Pepsi and Little Debbeies and you will be in.