Sunday, December 07, 2008

Matthew will be stoked!

I just ordered these boots for Matthew. They are brand new Justin's from eBay and they are normally $60, but they are closing their saddlery shop and i got them for 34.99 with FREE shipping. :)



Krimmyk said...

Heck girl if I knew you were looking for Shit-kickers I could have hooked you up. Ranchers get their kids boots all over around here. Corey refuses to let me Logan them. I think they are darling. Last year a kid in Logan's class got spurs for his boots when he turned 4 and then wore them into school. I live in hicksville for sure!

Jenn said...

Funny, I have always heard rubber boots were called shit pounders but never cowboy boots. They are really cute !

Tina said...

He's going to love them...was it last year he got green ones?

Hopefulsap said...

those are cute!!! and LOL to Krimsin's post!:)

♥Lisa♥ said...

yep, he's a shit kickin' kinda kid.
He got the green ones for his birthday. last yr he got EMU boots and then before that he got Justins for his bday and then his first pair of Justins before that.

Christmas and bday he gets boots.

Angelique's Unique Glamorous View! said...

Those r very nice Justin's!!!

Yay for the cheap price!


Angelique's Unique Glamorous View! said...

Krimsin's right, even in New Mexico cowboy boots will be called shit kickers too sometime...theres a lot of shit flying around at the rodeos, lol
horse shit and bull shit! ... ;)

Lots of cowboys in new mexico!

The Krazy Girl said...


Krimsin told me that you might be able to help me create a blinkie or button of some sort for a competition Im having on my blog.

I think Id just be happy having a cool widget or something that the winner can display on their blog for after the competition.

Is there anyway you can help me?

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