Thursday, December 18, 2008

We hung out with Matthew

Right when we dropped Matthew off the kids went outside to play and Abbie wanted to play SOOO bad. So i let her.

we ended up staying the whole time. Abbie did circle time and everything. She played with the other kids. It was too cute.

at one point i told her im going to get the camera out of the car and she said OK and went on her way!!!! WOW, thats so not abbie.

They had a really cute Christmas Story. I need to find the book.

Our Christmas gift from Matthew, Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

They had a gift exchange and matthew got a transformer. Always a big hit.

Matthew is doing really well and the kids have not suspected him as the mole there, lol. He has gotten the kids to talk more, ask more questions and participate and share there thoughts and ideas more.
An example i was told was matthew drew/made a dinosaur and he said out loud, "Look at my dinosaur. See what I made. Let me see yours" So the children will respond and the conversation continues back and forth. So that was nice to hear.

Should i charge for that, LOL. Matthew could have quit the buisness on his hand. i also think i should rent him out to expectant parents and he can show them what needs to be babyproofed in their house. Guarenteed in 30 min or less or its free. ;)



Tina said...

Abbie looks so excited to be there..

Kim said...

I'm glad to hear school is working out! WTG Matthew!

Krimmyk said...

I am so happy Matthew is doing so well for the other kiddos! WTG! And that plate is DARLING!!! Abby wants to go to school now too, Mommy!