Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thomas bday dinner

We went over to Ashleys house and I made fettuccine alfredo, garlic bread and salad. Yummos.
Here is Thomas' cake. LOL. he says i went all out huh. I totally forgot to put the sprinkles on it.

yes, as i've said before I will be applying at Ace of Cakes, LOL!

Lily got the most adorable puppy for Christmas. A little Havanese named Bella. She is the softest thing on Earth.
Kisses all over the place. Abbie and Lily were kissing left and right. Though my camera was acting up i never got the pic at the right time.

Bella kisses


There was a brawl or two over the puppy.

Ben stopped by and this was the last pic i got before my camera stopped taking pics.
Ashley took another one that is much better.



Tina said...

Dinner sounded yummy..Remind me to make it.The puppy is sooo cute! and no i don't want on.Did the Bella want to run away from Abbie?

Krimmyk said...

She got a HAVANESE!?!?! Where is it from? Whats the parents name I must know!!!

Now on to Thomas, Happy Birthday, and I think it so awesome you remade his birthday cake. You are such a good mama!

Thomas said...

Her mom breeds them. I don't know the parents names :)
Bella is soooooo cute.

♥Lisa♥ said...

aye, aye, aye. that was me I guess thomas was logged in on his google before i posted.

Hopefulsap said...

love the cake! (makes me want to make a cake!) Happy Birthday Again to Thomas!

That puppy is so adorable!!! oh my goodness! makes me want one too! LOL