Friday, December 05, 2008

We are mean!!

How do you get your 6 y/o daughter to stop sucking her thumb when everything else has failed??

Well, when you notice that her thumbs and hands are chapped because winter is here and she's still sucking you tell her she can get an infection on her hand from it being cracked and then proceed to type in skin infection on google and look at the images with her. :O. omg, they were gross. Ben actually found a gross one on the hand and used that one as an example of thumb sucking to long. She has a small sore between the base of her left thumb and wrist. Its hard to see in these pics, but the red rash goes to the middle of the top of her hand and a little bit up her index finer. You can see she's an ambi sucker. I'll have to get her some kind of med to put on it.
Matthew said he wasn't going to suck his thumb anymore either, lol. He doesn't suck his thumb anyway.
(click on the pic, you can totally see it)

I can see her telling her therapist this in 20 yrs, lol.


Hopefulsap said...

haha! whatever works is what I say! I do stuff like that all the time to my kids! LOL I guess I'm mean too! :)

Midwest Mommy said...

I can see her telling her therapist! lol! Whatever it takes is good with me.

Tina said...

She'll be sucking her thumb while talking to the That was funny about Matthew.

Trooper Thorn said...

I tried everything with my daughter who sucked up until 3rd grade: mittens, tabasco, threats of braces, rewards, punishments.
I finally said I'd tell the kids in her class she sucked her thumb and she stopped cold turkey.