Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Im a klutz!

Today when i went to drop Matthew off at School i was carrying Abigail in front of me covered with her jacket. I went to step off a small step and I have no idea what happen but i was going down. You know the more you try to not fall the worse the fall is gonna get . So i have abbie. My left foot feels weird. im trying to stay up and forget it! i go down. I hold Abbie in tight and make sure i hit my knees and hold her head in. If anyone saw me im glad i didnt see them because i know my butt was way up in the air,lol. So Abigail was fine. no scratch, bump or anything. By the time i got back to my car im pretty sure i rolled my right ankle, did something to the top on my left foot (idk how, so dont ask) skinned just below my right knee (thankfully it didnt tear my jeans) and a little on my palm.
I have never fell down a flight of stairs but give me something with two steps and i'll fall down it several times a yr. We have two steps going into our den and i wind up on the floor about 3-4 times a yr. Im pretty much immune to rolled ankles.



Tina said...

LOL..i fall all the time too

Ashley said...

LOL Wish I were there to see it...to help you up of course. I wouldn't of laughed or anything...hahahahaha

♥Lisa♥ said...

oh we prob would have peed our pants, lol.

Nicole said...

I did pretty much that same thing when Issy was 11 months old, except I ended up breaking her leg from squeezing her as I went down. It was just a 'hairline fracture' so no cast but we couldn't let her put weight on it - right as she was learning to walk! I feel for you!