Thursday, December 18, 2008

Matthews teachers gifts

Today in the car we rushed to put these together. I did as much as I could at home but i didnt have the construction paper so i had to wait to assemble it all.

The teachers totally loved it. He had 5 teachers and then we also did one for his old speech teacher. He would normally bring his speech teacher wild flowers, but its winter and no flowers. I joked and told her he could have brought her some hay. lol.

Matthew was the only one to bring them a gift and you could tell by their reaction that they don't or hardly ever receive gifts.
you can click on the pics to read the poem. I got the idea from Kailten she brought me home a card like this from school. :)


Tina said...

That's really cute!!

Krimmyk said...

I think that is so sweet that he made those! I am SOOOO stealing that idea for next year...When we do stuff like that I fear he is Picasso reincarded!
We made the ornaments (we sent one to you guys too) then I bought his 2 teachers Bath and Body Works stuff.

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