Thursday, December 25, 2008

My BIL's house

I Don't think I've ever showed you all his house. I believe its was a year ago Thanksgiving that it was finished. It's a very cool house.

This is the top level. It has the kitchen, family room, office area, master room, 1 kid bedroom and then kinda like a studio apt( like a MIL house, but inside there house) with two beds, fridge, stove, table area, sink.

This is the back and it has a walk in basement. There is the family room, 2 bedrooms, game/toy room and they there is a whole area not used for anything yet and i swear its the size of our house, lol. They also have a safe room for tornado season and its come in handy im sure!!

Im standing at the duck pond then i took this pic.



Tina said...

It's Beautiful!!

Hopefulsap said...

wow, I love how it surprises yah when you see the back side! It looks like a traditional one story... then wow! its huge!

Very nice, and yep, I agree, its cool.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

MAN! I want to live there! LOL