Saturday, January 31, 2009

Picture Challenge

Abigails Hello Kitty cake from her 1st Birthday :)

Go to your November 07 folder and post your 44th picture!!
I got this from Jenn go check it out and she has hers linked to other pics.


Ice Storm 2009

Tues just as Ben left for work, so around noon, we lost power. We knew Monday that the kids wouldn't have school on tues. Most schools got out early on Monday anyway because of freezing rain. My 3 school kids had physicals that mid morning and by the time we were all done at the dr's there was no need to take them to school as some were already closing...

Ben made it to and from work. Don't ask me how....

There was a nice thick window of ice on our car windows, lol.

This is our dirt road...

looking into one of our fields from the dirt road.

the poor twig...

Matthew in a winter wonder land

trippy huh?

our paved road...

the kids were crawling through the ice bushes and the ice and twigs would just snap, snap, snap...


Cody is so funny.

It did snow, but then all the snow froze into ice and the kids couldn't even play in the snow.

Thomas took this pic from the car. Not sure where this is at.

The road we take the kids to and from school on.

school road still...

and again


and again, lol

The first day/night without power was pretty awesome. It sparkled outside. We had the den blocked off with a blanket and had a fire in the fireplace. I brought our King size mattress into the den and a ton of blankets and pillows. Sat all cozy on the couch and popped open a beer (cant let that get warm, lol) and text Ben and told him the only thing missing was him.
Day 2, honeymoon was over, lol. Actually day 2,3,4 all blend into each other. But i had the same system down. Get everything done while it was daylight and light candles and entertain kids for several hours until bedtime.
Ben had Fri and Sat off and we ran around town Fri and let the kids burn off energy by walking around sears and Target, lol.
Friday night was the first night ben was home and once the sunset he was all antsy pantsy and at 8o'clock decided it was bedtime, lol. though we did have an hour of some funny story telling time. At 10:30 he wakes me to tell me our outside light is on. That meant power to our area was restored but no one had come to our house and put back the wires that went down in the storm. So today was our mission to find a truck from OUR electric company. We found one truck and he told us to go to X road and you'll come to a dirt road and your guy should be down there. Would you believe we head down this dirt road and eventually find our guy. Ben told him what was going on with our house and he said he'd see what he could do and when we got home today WE HAD POWER TO OUR HOUSE!!! he did a quick fix because obviously our order number hadn't come up and he'll have to come back to redo it and to also re hookup power to our garage and barn. So the only reason we have power is because we spent an hour hunting down our electric guy! and Joe!! thank you so much!!

I will say we were alot more fortunate than others. 1) We have a fireplace. 2) we got to take hot showers at the PD everyday and we were also more than welcome to sleep there too as they had gotten a ton of cots for the police families. We really didn't mind sleeping at home it was just more comfortable that way. Besides Abbie ended up with another stomach bug and was puking again. no fun cleaning puke by candle light.

ETA- I am assuming school will be open on Monday. i hope. I've been at home for 9 days with all the kids. Trying to keep them entertained these last 5 days has been challenging.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Puppy Winks and Hiccups!

Hola, mi Chicas y Chicos

Im at bens work right now with the kids. Why sit at home when you can sit at the PD :) I got a SHOWER! I'm greatful. We have two powerlines down in our yard. branches all over. Mother Natures way of trimming trees i suppose. yesterday was kinda fun. i had a ton of nervous energy and cleaned the house before we lost power and then we got the den blocked off and moved our mattress in there and made it all comfy cozy. The kids had mega cabin fever, but we survived.
Sooooo, we are looking at no power until and least Saturday and most likely longer. the town we live in has lost cell service. I guess when power goes out they run off batteries and when the batteries run out thats it... Bens work is in Fayetteville and the cell service is running on batteries now too. The PD families that dont have fireplaces are staying at the PD. We probably would but we have animals that we can't leave for longer than the length of one of Bens shifts.

I think thats it for now. I'll have pictures for you when I get power at home. :)

oh, Ben just came in. They have called out the National Guard. I guess its that bad. Pray for the families that don't have heat, because i know they are out there. We are blessed and we are good.

oh an idk if my title is correct, lol.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm...

Hello Everyone.... This is Tina,Lisa's sister.. She wanted me to let everyone know that do to the ice storm they have lost power and have down wires. It's will be a few day before they get power back on..


Monday, January 26, 2009


Our county is the "X". pink is ice, blue is snow and green is rain. Why couldn't we have SNOW!!! hmmmm. No school tomorrow, we already got the call. Hopefully they won't call again at 6am! Ben is on his way home from work in this. It'll take him a while to get here.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ice Skating

♥Kaitlen and Meme♥

Kaitlen, Meme and Delani

Kaitlen had a blast skating. Ben did a great job getting pics while on the ice, lol. Which he found out was a big no-no there.


Fri, Sat & Sun

So friday we take the two youngest to the Dr for their physicals. I left all their stats in the car and only remember they were in 90%ile for height. I would swear Abbie is short for her age, but i guess not. Matthew woke up with a tummy ache and all I wanted to do was get through the appt before puking started. So several shots later for both of them and Mc Ds on the way home (Matthew wouldnt eat his) he naps all day and around midnight we go to bed all fine :). I wake up at 3 not feeling well. I decided to go pee thinking the cold tile will feel good on my feet as soon as i get off the potty the most violent vomiting i have ever had starts!!! and doesnt stop. I felt like my skin was on fire and i was gonna faint. If i could have stood in a cold shower and threw up in the toilet i would have! oh, and my just emptied bladder?? yeah, not so empty. everytime i vomit, i pee. vomit. pee. So im a mess. I finally get to my knees because ive been standing this whole time and the tile feels freaking good and cold. I finish up puking from that level and finally get to rinse my mouth and face. I strip my clothes and head to the other bathroom because i was in our room and def didnt want to wake anyone. Seriously by the time i get to the other bathroom the big D starts. Oh, when i looked in the mirror i had to laugh because my face actually looked green. I thought that was just an expression, lol. So i leave Ben a text to not wake me for kaitlens cheer and if i havent called him by 1030 for him to call her coach and tell we wouldnt be there. By 6 am i was asleep on the couch. By 9am Thomas was watching the kids and I was in bed. Then Cody, Matthew and Kaitlen all get diarrhea and manage to clog up two of our 3 toilets..... Thankfully they were not puking!! By 3pm Ben tells me he's leaving work to come home. He was suppose to be working a double. I was so glad he was coming home!!
Ben had to take Kaitlen to her ice skating party today. there was no way i could do it. Let me tell you Abbie flew through this virus like NOTHING. She was running around nonstop and eating inbetween vomiting and playing. It knocked me on my butt. We are hoping Ben doesn't get it. On Friday i took a bite of his apple so he is very afraid of waking up in the middle of the night sick. I don't blame him.
I feel much much much better tonight.

Pics of K ice skating coming shortly.


I have an addiction

and it's 20% under control.

80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


Friday, January 23, 2009

Mommy Guilt

I haz it.....

I have gone back and forth on doing Valentine's dresses for the girls. yes, something easy. yes, something super cute. yes, something different.. then to no, wal-mart has outfits for 8$ and call it done. to but I should make it not buy it. Aye, Aye, Aye.... I'm sure I'll cave. Will the girls care if i don't do it?? NOOOOOOO will I?? Yes!!

If i do make them dresses I am thinking of making them the same, but opposite.


Nighty Night

This was Matthew the other night heading off to bed. He gathered up as many stuffed animals as he could to sleep with.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Way too cool!!

Ben just called me and he got to hold a PIECE OF THE MOON!!!!!!! the moon! It was a slice and it was between two pieces of glass and he said it was just surreal. The even cooler thing is that he gets to take Cody down there to see and hold it too!!!! He just has to give the guy a couple days notice. We don't know when he's gonna go, but if he can take pics i will certainly share them!!

Ben had to provide security during the inventory for NASA that's how he got to hold it :)

This was the moon at midnight last night. Did you see it?? I saw it at 5 this morning it was amazing!

“Horsing Around”

Here is Ben and 3 of the kids, Abigail, Kaitlen and Matthew rough housing. I'm sure i posted this before but now it's for a contest! :)

There is a contest over at 5 Minutes for Mom and the winners will win this Rocking Horse from A Rocking Horse to Love. The contest runs till Feb 6th so head on over and enter your rambunctious bunch.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok, this might get long and I might bounce around just hang in there.

Cody has had a couple things going on that has made Ben and i stop and talk about it and both of us thinking that he needs to see a counselor or something. He will get very frustrated/angry, well beyond what ever the situation called for. Not all the time just here and there. Just totally out of character. Then the other night before bed he was saying that he really doesn't like school, that he has no friends. When in fact he does have friends and I asked him to name off a couple and he immediately named off 5. I've gone to his class party's i know he has friends i've seen him with them. When we talked more about it he started to get emotional so i really wasnt seeing what he was actually trying to tell me, you know?? I told him I'd talk to Daddy and we'll figure it out. So the next day when Code was at school I started telling Ben about our conversation and on his way to work he decided to stop off and talk with the Principal. They talked for a bit and Ben let him know about the loss in Codys life. My FIL died when Cody was 3 (02)and Cody litterally saw him everyday of his life, hours everyday. He watched us care for him at home on hospice. Then 9 months later his Uncle Jr died (03). we got to visit with him several times and Cody will still talk about the bacon uncle Jr made. Then Codes 'Grandpa' Hugh (it was actually his great-great uncle) Passed away (04). I think Matthew was just a week or two old when he passed. Then the absolute worst thing that could have happened to Cody was he lost his Nana, Jan 06. That crushed him to the core. It changed our little boy. Then my mom gets dx'd with cancer in march of 07 dies in April of 08 a few days later Cody's Uncle dies, but since we knew we wouldn't be at the funeral we didn't tell him for several months. We've had 6 loved ones die in 5 yrs. well then 3 weeks after my mom dies Sheila, Tina's first MIL dies. Cody don't remember her but he still saw me effected by it.
The principle made a good point to Ben. That while Cody has friends, he thinks he doesn't because he's keeping them distant for fear of loosing them. He said it's something he's seen in the past as an administrator, just his observation.
Today was Codys first day with the counselor at school. Ben got to talk to her after school let out and she is just so impressed with how intelligent Cody is. She didnt know any of Codes history when talking to him it was after she saw Code that she received an email from Mr W and she said that she wants to continue further with him and what she now knows helps explain a lot. Before, all she had to go off of is what his teacher told him and that was his attention span is ziltch (my words, lol) and he runs on Cody time(my words again) not class time. This has been Cody from day 1 all the way back to Kindergarten............ it def needs to be addressed. So we have kinda two things going on. She's going to work on him being on task and stuff too. Cody WANTS to talk to her and was glad to do so today. Today was a very positive day in that we all agree there is *something* and everyone wants to get to the root of it. Cody too, or he wouldn't have been so open about it.
Code's 2nd grade teacher, to help him stay on task had a timer just for Cody so he could visually see where he was at with it all. She laughed when i told he about "Cody's time" because it was oh so true in her class. She adores him and she cant wait until she gets kaitlen in her class. Even Codys 1st grade teacher wants kaitlen too.
Another thing that was bothering Cody was he has a mustache. He has ALWAYS had a mustache. Even his dentist when he was 3 pointed out his stache! lol. Its just peach fuzz but its dark hair not blond. Well, the kids have made fun of it this year. Alot. So after saying everything under the sun to make him feel better and nothing worked cause the kids are little brats. I bleached his stache. Photobucket I had several concerns about doing that, but when i told him to go rinse the rest of the stuff off his face he didnt realize i went to follow him to the bathroom and i heard him say,"YES" when he looked in the mirror. When i heard his relief, i felt better. After all one day he'll be shaving it off. just not today.

I'm gonna guess this was my longest blog ever!!! lol. I'll update as we move along with all this.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day. Huh?

Anxiously waited for the swearing in ceremony while texting back and forth with Tina. Senator Kennedy is there? Bush senior can hardly walk, how sad. What a bow.. Then the moment came and Obama Photobucketjumped the gun and then the other guy (whats his name) messed up and said it wrong.
Fast forward to lunch.... Two Senators pass out... Byrd and Kennedy..... then as the facts get worked out..... Kennedy suffered a seizure and Byrd was fine and had ended up leaving after Kennedy had his seizure. Fast forward to picking up the kids. I got kids 1,2 and 3 and on our way to get kid 4 and kid 5 pukes all over her car seat and herself. We still have 30 minutes before we'll be home. fast forward again to about 10 minutes from home and she REALLY pukes!!!Photobucket Ok, now lets rewind to Sunday, Thomas starts puking by mid afternoon and stays home from school on Monday so it's really no surprise Abigail caught it and for those with multiple kids you know once the first kid starts puking it's already to LATE they've all been infected.........
abbie is one the couch after having a bath after her 3rd episode.... she needs to fall asleep. Poor baby.